Footballers Hair don’t: Real Madrid’s Jese Rodriguez adds to the growing cannon of awful ‘haircuts’

1358371438 extras noticia foton 7 1 Footballers Hair dont: Real Madrids Jese Rodriguez adds to the growing cannon of awful haircuts



Football history has been littered with players with hair cuts that have brought some colour to the game and made the words ‘whats was he thinking?’ leave the lips from football fans all over.

Real Madrid’s Jese Rodriguez added his new hair don’t to football’s cannon of bad haircuts to rival serial offenders such as Colombian legend Carlos Valderrama and Taribo West as he has his initials carved amateurishly carved into his hair.

While Rodriguez is a young man, that no excuse for bad taste as his ‘haircut’ joins Mario Baloletti leading candidates for the worst haircuts of  2013.








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